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Imitating Art using Naissance de Venus (Birth of Venus) by William-Adolphe Bouguereau 💋

This is magnificent 

This petty as hell lol



Get it together people.

or were you referring to the other black people dressed ” respectfully ” during that time period that were being attacked with fire hoses and dogs? or maybe the ones getting lynched while white people stood under them, smiling and taking pictures? 
or was it the ones that stood alongside MLK, dressed just as nicely, that got blown up inside of a church?
racism has nothing to do with how ” respectfully ” we dress. it’s about race.
stop making excuses for them you piece of shit.
Anonymous said: Would you ever post a photo of your parents? Sounds weird but I would love to see a glimpse of the people who made you so beautiful and maybe fantasize about how you'll look when you're older. Sorry if this is creepy

lol umm I mean idk